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Dr. Energy Saver by Keeney Home Services is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Neenah. Learn more about Dr. Energy Saver by Keeney Home Services's recent work requests in Neenah and nearby areas!

Learn more about Dr. Energy Saver by Keeney Home Services' recent work requests in Neenah, WI
Vicinity of Belmont Ave in Neenah
We would like to get an estimate on insulating a 2 car garage, it is already drywalled so would like it blown in.
Vicinity of Pond View Court in Neenah
I have a 3 plus garage with insulated walls. The ceiling /roof in this area is not insulated. I am having a heater installed in the garage this fall and need to insulate above.
Vicinity of Ladybird Drive in Neenah
Pony wall, split level home, basement area.
Vicinity of in Neenah
I am interested in improving my attic insulation, my options for better gutters and a minor roof repair.
Vicinity of Holiday Court in Neenah
Add insulation in my attic
Vicinity of Smith St in Neenah
We just received a home inspection and learned we do not have insulation in part of our attic. I would like to schedule an estimate to get insulation blown in.
Vicinity of Meadow Lane in Neenah
Insulation in attic and maybe house.
Vicinity of Whitetail Drive in Neenah
24 by 27 garage attic needs to be insulated
Vicinity of Amendment Dr in Neenah
Insulating my garage ceiling
Vicinity of Shady Lane in Neenah
Spray foam floor joists
Vicinity of TUMBLEBROOK RD in Neenah
Project #1: Frost build-up in attic. When it thawed insulation got soaked and had to be removed. Roofer is replacing roof vent to get better ventilation and now I need insulation replaced. Project #2: I have a disabled son I have purchased a house for and under his bedroom is a crawl space. Insulation falls down and room is always very cold. Need a better solution.
Vicinity of Shenandoah Trail in Neenah
Looking for Free Heat Map Analysis and evaluation of house sealing and insulation
Vicinity of Meadowview St in Neenah
Interior walls are not insulation and would like to sound proof it n keep it warmer
Vicinity of Division St in Neenah
I have a ton of frost in my attic. It's the first winter I have noticed it. I would like someone to come out and let me know their opinion about a proper fix.
Vicinity of Maple Grove Dr in Neenah
Pipes freezing in up stairs tub and toilet. Plumber recommendations after cutting access hole in wall, could feel cold air coming in from what is believed to be soffet from front of house. Reccomened getting more insulation and or air sealed. Looking to get an estimate on possible costs.
Vicinity of Marathon Ave in Neenah
Insulation and vapor barrier in garage ceiling
Vicinity of Meadowflower Court in Neenah
We need old insulation taken out ,because of mice and then reinsulated propley again
Vicinity of Sund Street in Neenah
We are looking for a quote on insulation for our attic. We know we don't have enough and we have cold rooms, including our new baby's nursery, consistently 3 degrees colder. We also have high energy bills for a small ranch with brand-new HVAC systems.
Vicinity of Maple Grove Dr in Neenah
I would like to have my framed basement walls insulated with spray foam.
Vicinity of W Cecil St in Neenah
I would like to have my attic insulation checked
Vicinity of Whittier Dr in Neenah
Looking to do spray foam in the basement around the perimeter.
Vicinity of Whippletree Ln in Neenah
Need more attic insulation
Vicinity of Congress St in Neenah
My wife and I purchased our home last summer and I believe we are wasting energy and money based on the size our our energy bills this winter.
Vicinity of E CecilSt in Neenah
We want an inside wall 8x14 sound insulated
Vicinity of North Lake Street in Neenah
We would like to get an energy assessment to determine what can be done to improve our homes energy efficiency and comfort.
Vicinity of Riford Road in Neenah
Window condensation each morning even though brand-new windows and HVAC.
Vicinity of Van in Neenah
Need insulation blown into attic, and attic venting assessed.
Vicinity of E Wisconsin Ave in Neenah
My mother and I are building a tiny house the square footage is about 360 and we've just about put up all the walls and the wiring is getting done the first week of October so it would be great if we could get the walls and ceiling sprayed by the second week in October so we can progress with the build.
Vicinity of Zemlock Ave in Neenah
We know our attic needs more insulation but not sure how much. Our new home was built in 1950 and we want to make sure it is energy efficient. I got your free energy evaluation in ValPak today and would like that done.
Vicinity of Breezewood Lane in Neenah
Please provide an estimate for spray on closed cell foam, 1" thick on the back side of two pole barn doors. Each door is approximately 12' x 16' in size. Does the product create any odors and is it non-toxic? Emailed response preferred. Thank you, Pete
Vicinity of Yorkshire Rd in Neenah
We would like the pink fiberglass insulation in our basement removed and new spray foam insulation installed in the box headers. Half of the basement is finished without access to the headers on that side so it would probably be only the unfinished half of the basement. We have been seeing a few mice in the basement along with pieces of the pink insulation and we think they are entering there and building nests. Call me for questions or further explanation.
Vicinity of Webster St in Neenah
I have a front door entrance area that I know is not insulated. Even the floor is cold in the winter. I also know that the cold migrates into the ceiling of the adjacent room. It's a brick foundation on the front door entrance and the walls and celing are plaster and wood. I would be interested to have an estimate to solve this problem.
Vicinity of Cty Rd G in Neenah
My deck is covered with a sunroom and I would too spray the underside.the size of the deck is 8'by 14'.
Vicinity of North St in Neenah
We want to get an estimate on sealing the rim joist perimeter of our basement.
Vicinity of Kittiver Ct in Neenah
Would like to get an estimate for insulating a sunroom/3 seasons room.
Vicinity of Oakridge in Neenah
Insulate crawl space.
Vicinity of Hummingbird Ln in Neenah
Looking to get blown-in insulation in attic.
Vicinity of Strohmeyer Ct in Neenah
I have an old home and the inspector when I purchased it in August told me I would be best served to add insulation to my attic
Vicinity of MAPLE STREET in Neenah
Lack of insulation in my attic. I have a cape cod style of house. The summers are very warm on the second story ( I have central air) and the winters are noticbly cooler also ( I have forced air, natural gas). I would like to get an estimation on what it would cost to add blown in insulation and any other energy saving tips. The sooner the better since winter will be fast approaching! Thank you!
Vicinity of Whitenack in Neenah
Hello - Looking to get a quote for insulation needs to re-insulate attic over living area of home, and new installation over attached garage. Also interested in additional products you may have for better energy efficiency in window and door frames - not weather striping. Thanks!
Vicinity of Oak St. in Neenah
Our upstairs bedroom that sits above the front porch must have 0 insulation- last winter the wood flooring in the bedroom was almost too cold to walk on without socks and shoes. This is my 3 year olds bedroom, and so we are trying g to find out what we can do before winter comes again. We purchased this house in November and can't go another winter with a room that unuseable due to cold.
Vicinity of Edward Street in Neenah
Air Drafts
Vicinity of Briggs Lane in Neenah
Spray foam basement walls over 1" insulation panels between frame
Vicinity of Confidential For Now in Neenah
Would like a quote to blow insulation in attic. Send contact info.
Vicinity of Westfield Ln. in Neenah
There are a few windows that are drafty and the house doesn't seem to be as warm as it should be. Looking to understand the issues and the cost to resolve.
Vicinity of Cty Rd T in Neenah
I have a pole building. 36'X56'X14'. The building is west of Neenah in the Town of Clayton. The 36' sides have two 12X12 doors each. I would like the building walls sprayed with 1 ½" foam. Can you give me a price?
Vicinity of High St. in Neenah
Insulating attic, walls, and basement.
Vicinity of Kay Kourt in Neenah
I currently have insulation in my attic but I'm not sure it's adequate for cold Wisconsin winters.
Vicinity of Mary Lane in Neenah
Inspect the insulation around the outside North walls by the ceiling.
Vicinity of Maple St. in Neenah
I have a feeling that my home is insulation-deficient. It is about 960 sq.ft. on a slab. If it were just the attic, I'd do blow in insulation with a rental machine myself; however, I have noticed many cold spots on nearly every exterior wall. Also, even though I thought my windows were in excellent shape, this winter I've noticed ice forming on the inside.
Vicinity of Buttercup Rd in Neenah
Poorly insulated house
Vicinity of Stanley Ct in Neenah
Home is a modular home. We need spray foam insulation surrounding the basement ceiling(box sills) and would also like to see what it would cost to do the garage around roof and wall. The insulation that is in both areas turns black from moisture.
Vicinity of Byrd Ave in Neenah
We just got our wall in the farafe leading into the house drywalled. There is a small attic up there and he explained tonus that we needed more insulation.
Vicinity of Cameron Circle in Neenah
Garage ceiling no insulation. kitchen walls cold, front closet cold.
Vicinity of in Neenah
Would like to spray foam box silles in the basement
Vicinity of Reddin Ave in Neenah
Overall home insulation, and air leaking.
Vicinity of W Peckham St in Neenah
Ice damage attic not insulated high heating bills
Vicinity of Schramm Way in Neenah
33 x 23 garage ceiling, drywalled. Looking to insulate with closed cell foam.
Vicinity of Jacobsen in Neenah
I have my basement framed and wired. I've read online about 1,000,000 different ways to insulate a basement with moisture barriers, without moisture barriers with batting and without! All websites say spray foam is the best! Wondering what it would cost to have someone come out and spray the whole 1600 square foot basement around the outside.
Vicinity of Clayton Ave in Neenah
I'd like a quote to see how much it would be to remove the current insulation and replace with foam insulation in the attic of the house as well as insulate the 4 seasons room floor and around the sill plate of the house to help with preventing mice from getting into the house. Email is the best method of contact.
Vicinity of Plummers Harbor Road in Neenah
Having heat loss problems in walk in attic. Water leaks in winter. New roof two yrs ago.
Vicinity of Spring Road Dr. in Neenah
Looking for quote to add another 4 inches of insulation to the attic
Vicinity of Cecil in Neenah
House built in 1960 old batt insulation
Vicinity of Irish Rd in Neenah
Attic insulation upgrade with blown cellulose, approximate 700sq ft of attic. Air sealing home.
Vicinity of Pemmican Ct. in Neenah
I would like an estimate on what it would take to insulate the second floor joists that are exposed above our front porch soffit.
Vicinity of Edgewood Dr. in Neenah
I would like an est for attic insulation. i would like to have it done in early Oct.
Vicinity of Grove St in Neenah
Lack of roofing insulation in a Cape Cod style house. This is always the first house in the neighborhood to have the snow melt from the roof.
Vicinity of E Franlin in Neenah
Front porch redone- need insulation.
Vicinity of in Neenah
I am remodeling my house and I want to install dense pack cellulose. It would be the entire house. Plus the ceiling to the attic
Vicinity of Third Street in Neenah
Insulate older walls I think that do not have insulation in living room and foyer
Vicinity of Plummer Ct in Neenah
Large attic area without insulation between roof joists. Makes upstairs area very warm.
Vicinity of Stevens St in Neenah
Looking for an estimate for additional insulation in our older home.
Vicinity of W. North Water St in Neenah
135 yr old house moved in 1955.
Vicinity of S. Park Ave. in Neenah
Half of my house sits on the original 1880's basement, which gets quite cold in the winter. I would like to apply a spray foam insulation to the underside of the floors in that section of the house.
Vicinity of Kensington Road in Neenah
I have an upstairs bedroom that is partially above the garage and front port. That bedroom is unreasonably cold. There is fiberglass insulation the walls above the garage, but I can't see the insulation above the porch as it's boxed in with OSB. The rest of the house is comfortable, and we already know we need new windows panes on most of the glass in the house. We purchased the house in December of 2012.
Vicinity of S Park Ave in Neenah
Hello, I am interested in having a heat loss assessment done on my home. My home is approx 40 years old brick house. I am also interested in a quote to update / evaluate the insulation in my house. Please let me know your availability. Thank you! Matthew

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