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Dr. Energy Saver by Keeney Home Services is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Green Bay. Learn more about Dr. Energy Saver by Keeney Home Services's recent work requests in Green Bay and nearby areas!

Learn more about Dr. Energy Saver by Keeney Home Services' recent work requests in Green Bay, WI
Vicinity of Bittersweet Ave in Green Bay
Looking to have a couple of basement exterior walls and the area above the concrete walls and the first floor (sail plate) spray foam insulated.
Vicinity of N Ashland Ave in Green Bay
Older home. Attic partially insulated with blown in insulation.
Vicinity of Alfa Romeo Road in Green Bay
Would like insulation evaluation as well as potential gutter leaf guard quote.
Vicinity of Belmont Road in Green Bay
More info on energy audit. Just moved into house and received flier for free audit/estimate.
Vicinity of Foeller in Green Bay
Flipping a home, would like to have the box sills foamed in the basement. currently has batted insulation!
Vicinity of Loch Dr in Green Bay
I have a basement that is not insulated between lebels and the wife complains about the loudness.
Vicinity of Smith Street in Green Bay
My wps bill has been through the roof lately and I was told it could be my insulation and to contact your company for an estimate.
Vicinity of Oak St in Green Bay
The walls feel cold and in closets it gets damp especially in one closer.
Vicinity of E Enderby Lane in Green Bay
I built on a family room that is very cold in the winter time (400 sq ft) I have a crawl space below and a fireplace that gets cold in winter. I just need that room to be more comfortable
Vicinity of E Walnut St in Green Bay
Walls, roof ,basement
Vicinity of George St. in Green Bay
I'm interested in your free energy efficiency and also want to get a estimate on the gutter cervise . Thanks.
Vicinity of Dauphin St in Green Bay
I am looking to have insulation put in my attic and was looking for a eatimate
Vicinity of He Nis Ra Lane in Green Bay
Cold in room even when hear is on
Vicinity of Prairie Garden Trail in Green Bay
Need garage ceiling insulated after installing a garage furnace..
Vicinity of Smith St in Green Bay
Looking for an estimate to have the attic spray foam insulated.
Vicinity of S Oakland Avenue in Green Bay
Need blown insulation in attic
Vicinity of Finger Rd in Green Bay
Vicinity of Dousman in Green Bay
Insulation in attic is very thin, and I would like to add new insulation. I also need some guidance on whether I should keep the old or not. Further, If this company does leaf-guard, I would like to get an estimate on installation
Vicinity of E. Briar Lane in Green Bay
We purchased a 2 story colonial and the two upstairs bathrooms are only vented to the attic - not outside. Would you please offer an estimate to vent the 2 bathrooms to the outside? There is also mold growth which would need to be removed - I am not certain if that is one of your services. Thank you, Jennifer
Vicinity of Chicago St in Green Bay
Need my attic insulation quoted please
Vicinity of Greenbrier Rd in Green Bay
Interested in a home energy audit.
Vicinity of BASSWOOD ST in Green Bay
Vicinity of Settlers Row in Green Bay
Would like to get a quote on spray foaming my basement between all joists, sill plate, etc.
Vicinity of Minnie Ln in Green Bay
Moisture on interior Windows. Better energy efficiency.
Vicinity of Harvey St in Green Bay
The attic needs insulation and the upstairs is colder than the downstairs.
Vicinity of in Green Bay
Just want a free energy estimate to see how bad my energy loss is and what you guys charge for fixing it! Thanks!!
Vicinity of Neville Ave in Green Bay
I received a coupon in the mail to receive a free energy evaluation and estimate. My energy bill goes up a lot during the winter months and I feel a draft.
Vicinity of Lavern Dr in Green Bay
Improve attic insulation
Vicinity of Brocoin Way in Green Bay
Not enough insulation in attic, always feels cold during cooler/cold weather even after furnace is running. Older house.
Vicinity of in Green Bay
Garage attic needs insulation acct although new condo never insulatedand hopefully will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer and reduce heating and air condition bills.THANK YOU
Vicinity of Glendale Ave in Green Bay
Ice Dam and leaking roof over bathroom exhaust fan.
Vicinity of Cass St in Green Bay
Looking to get a complete home energy audit. We know there. Are drafting some areas, but not sure what to do.
Vicinity of Brookridge St in Green Bay
Looking to get the joist soffit all around my basemant sprayed with closed cell foam.
Vicinity of Oregon St in Green Bay
Would like a quote on getting spray insulation in the sill boxes around my house
Vicinity of Kalb Avenue in Green Bay
Need an estimate for attic insulation at my mothers home.
Vicinity of Cardinal Lane in Green Bay
I bought a this house last year and am trying to find the drafts and fix them as in expensively as I can until I have the extra money to buy new windows and doors. I am looking to see where my biggest problems (drafty places) are. I am a single mother of 2 boys and have a very limited budget so any help I can get to help in the meantime to lessen my heating bill would be fantastic. Thank You!
Vicinity of Rainbow in Green Bay
I need to insulate under the roof sheathing of a 800 sq foot detached garage with white foam. There is no ceiling in the garage so access should be good. What would the price be? Please Email don't call.
Vicinity of Valorane Blvd in Green Bay
Had a new furnace installed last September and also had the exterior walls insulated last October but my public service bills were extremely high and it's just me living in the home. I was told I needed insulation up in the attic so I would like an estimate. I'm also having new windows installed because the windows I have are 44 years old and you can feel the cold air blowing right in the house. That will be done in November. But I'm hoping by insulating the attic will help cut down the heating bills also.
Vicinity of Edison St. in Green Bay
I just need my crawl space on my upper floor insulated.
Vicinity of Waubenoor Dr in Green Bay
Would like to get an estimate on spray forming my attached garage.
Vicinity of Chardonnay Court in Green Bay
Add more installation to attic - I think we have around R32 but would like to upgrade to R60
Vicinity of S Oneida St in Green Bay
Our house is a Cape Cod style story and a half with the upstairs finished. There are 2 attics (front and back of house) with interior access from the upstairs bedrooms. We have a problem in the winter where the snow melts on the roof and then causes ice dams at the gutters. I need an estimate to add approx. 400sqft by 8" blown in insulation and a price to insulate between the rafters above the finished area up to the small gable attic above.
Vicinity of Shawano Ave in Green Bay
Looking to schedule an estimate for attic insulation.
Vicinity of E Allouez Ave in Green Bay
I have a bedroom in the attic and am looking to have spray foam added for better insulation.
Vicinity of Skylark Ln in Green Bay
Need more insulation in attic.
Vicinity of Sandstone Place in Green Bay
I would like a free estimate on getting some sort of insulation added in my house. I'm looking for recommendations and improvements and the subsequent estimate on that work. Contact via email is best. Thanks!

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